Day 5

Update on lentil sprouting: So three days was a lie. The lentils had started to sprout by this morning. Also, the sprouted lentils have probably increased in size by about five times, and are about to take over the mason jar. After flipping through the old homebrewing books, I’m still trying to figure out how to approach this lentil beer situation. Hopefully I will figure out exactly what I will do soon.

As for Day 5: It’s Sunday in the fall and that means…FOOTBALL!! Luckily, I still had two tubs of soup left. Since yesterday’s pancakes-with-cold-lentil-soup-spread actually wasn’t too bad, I decided to start with that and then proceeded to finish the tub. For after the morning games, on to another tub! Then the mid-afternoon lentil coma. While driving around on an ill-fated journey to find an open restaurant supply store, Katie and I stumbled upon an Indian market on Aurora Ave. around 90th St. Found some cool yellow lentils there, so I bought them and decided to make them for dinner. Turns out, yellow lentils take a good bit longer to cook (at least these ones did). It probably took around two hours on the stove top, but eventually they we tender enough to throw in a little sauteed garlic and onion, topped with a bit of tomato and some basil leaves. Mmmmm tasty. Have leftovers for tomorrow, which will be nice. (So, I wrote this as I was beginning to eat; however, I gave myself a large portion which I am determined to finish, and now at the tail end of it, I am a low point for this adventure so far. So…..many……lentils……….)

Side note: Tomorrow morning is my day to bring food to lab meeting. Naturally, I thought I’d do something lentil induced, but also reasonable enough to serve to my bosses for breakfast. The solution? Huckleberry lentil muffins! It is essentially this recipe, except the flour was made from blending dried lentils in the blender and then sifting through a flour sifter. Haven’t tried any yet, but they look pretty good! Lentil flour seems to have many possibilities.

P.S.: Thanks to everyone who has given me recipes. I will try to work them in at some point.

Total so far: ~7.0lbs lentils consumed, ~33.0lbs to go. 25 days remain.

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