Recipe #20/20: Final Lentil Adventure!

YEAH! After nearly three months since recipe nineteen, I have finally finished. I knew for a while that for the last recipe I wanted to do a tour de lentils simply preparing as many different types of lentils as I could with small accompaniments. So without further ado, the final lentil meal:

Lentils Accompaniment
Green Butter-sautéed shiitake mushrooms
Red Roasted spring onion
French Green Caramelized onions
Spanish Padrina Orange, butternut squash puree
Harvest Gold Watermelon radish
Petite Gold Sunchoke puree with chard chips
Ivory Roasted beets
Black Beluga Daikon radish
…surrounding a fried duck egg.
Thanks to everyone who came and to everyone who has read this and encouraged me throughout this journey. As for what to do now, I’m really not sure. I’ll definitely continue eating lentils, albeit in most likely in simple preparations. With grad school approaching in the fall though, we’ll see how much time I might have to do crazy recipes and write about them. But I’ll try….

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