O is for…

Oh boy, oh boy. Another semi-tough letter, ‘O’ had fewer possibilities than many of its surrounding neighbors:

Breakfast: Oatmeal. Before this I usually had oatmeal for breakfast almost everyday so this was a bit of a return to normalcy.
Lunch: Olives and MORE OATMEAL!
Dinner: Omelette- one of those beautiful lettered dishes that allows for the consumption of leftovers. In this case, I still had a bunch of stuff from my last CSA so I made a kohlrabi, scallion, blue cheese, avocado omelette.
As a side note: I’ve at least semi-finalized my Oscar menu. Not sure which will be trickier, preparing for and making the meal or fitting all the people in my place. Here’s the menu:
The Social Network- Beer Web Gelee

Black Swan- Black and White Poultry

The King’s Speech- Tea and Kingly Scones

Winter’s Bone- Venison Stew

True Grit- Texas Ranger LeBoeuf and Grits

Toy Story 3- Deep-Fried Slinky Dog

The Kids Are Alright- Local Farm Salad

Inception- Savory Layered Mindmeld

The Fighter- Blue Icing Cake

127 Hours- Orange Gatorade Popsicle

One thought on “O is for…

  1. Clearly the trickiest part of your Oscar party will be preparing everything without your staple sous chef. Clearly. Also, it's a few days away but I nominate a healthy dose of Swedish Fish for \”s\” day (even if they are really Canadian).


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