#14: Adventure

On January 14th, I always think of India. In 2012, me and the five other members of Lonestar Rickshaw crossed the finish line in Kochi at the end of the Rickshaw Run.

For those that may not know, The Rickshaw Run is an ‘unrace’ adventure event put on by The Adventurists where you drive a semi-broken down, three-wheel autorickshaw (or tuk-tuk) ~2000 miles clear across India. There is no support crew and no team mechanics. You are just given the keys and told, “Try to be at the finish line in two weeks for the party.” It looks a little like this:

They call it an ‘unrace’ because the goal isn’t really to get there first. Getting there quickly usually just means that you didn’t have any problems, which means you had fewer adventures. Every day I thought that we had at least categorically seen every crazy thing we could, and then someone would come up and open a basket with a cobra in it as you were filling your gas tank on the side of the road. It’s for a good cause though as each team needs to raise money for charity. In our case it was for Frank Water, a charity that builds sustainable clean drinking water facilities in rural parts of India. We were even lucky enough to get an article pre– and post-adventure written up about our experience.

In 2015, I left Austin with two friends to head back to Kochi, this time for a friend’s wedding. That trip ended up being twelve cities and six countries in under three weeks, a crazy whirlwind adventure that forged unforgettable memories with a close group of friends and gave birth to #3SC4Lyfe.

Lastly in 2016, I immortalized the memory of my rickshaw adventure with my first tattoo.

I had been meaning to get it since we had finished as a reminder to myself to be brave, move out of my comfort zone, and do some crazy adventurous stuff.

This year I didn’t have any crazy adventures (although I did go to town on a massive to-do list), but as I take on this month’s challenge and the others throughout the year, I want to remind myself to look down at my shoulder and know that I am capable of some pretty wild stuff.

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