#21: Batched Connections

This post will be published about an hour before my self-imposed (and financially backed) deadline. Partly because I’m on vacation and we were at the beach and partly because when we got back to the apartment, the power was out and the wifi is currently my only source of internet connectivity.

It has been a while since I’ve been disconnected, even to this degree. When I first moved to Europe, I toured around with only café wifi and offline Google Maps, which is basically what we are doing at the moment. I had tried to get a SIM card yesterday, but places to find one were more difficult that I thought, and the one place that we went to had a ‘pick-a-number’ system, like at a deli counter, and we left after waiting for 30 minutes because it was taking forever.

I hear a lot about the benefits of an ‘Internet Detox’ and am fine being less connected while I am here, but I do want to uphold my commitment to blog everyday. So I’ve thought about playing around a bit with batching.

Batching is the idea of concentrating certain tasks at particular times so that you can do them all at once rather than continuously incur ‘task switching’ penalties. A common example that comes up is e-mail, where rather than having e-mail open and stopping whatever you are doing to respond whenever a new one comes in, you block out certain times of the day to just go through them all at once. This video I found interesting talks about creating Batch Buckets with separate lists instead of one large Todo list to help combat against initiation intimidation:

I know that, for content creation, some podcasters will record multiple interviews on one day and then release them over time so that they can just focus on production during certain time windows.

In the first few days when I was starting, I tried to think of lots of different ideas and plan out what would go on which days. About a week ago, I started running out of the initial ideas and so I’ve been writing on the fly. Part of the goal of this challenge was to establish this as a regular practice by needing to do it every day. But the goal is also to improve my ability to plan large and imposing projects, which will become a more critical skill as the 2020 year of challenges continues. So I think for the next week I’ll experiment with writing two blog posts at a time and setting them up to autopublish each day, so that I can disconnect a bit more without completely forgoing my goals.

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