Shutter Delay

One of the challenges edits photos on my laptop is that the anti-reflective coating is coming off in some places. This creates blemishes that are sometimes hard to tell if they are part of the photo or on the screen until I scroll the photo to see if the blemish moves as well. It is a problem that for my model Apple has addressed in the past, but unfortunately, I’m too far out to fix it for free. There are some online tutorials of how to remove the coating entirely yourself (with Listerine of all things…), but I just fixed up my computer from doing something stupid a few months ago and am not eager to take it back.

So it part of setting up a better editing system, I went ahead and ordered a cheap 24″ monitor. Unfortunately, due to shipping delays, it did not arrive yesterday and the current date is unknown. So while I wanted to have that set up today, instead I’ll just keep chugging along as usual, watching tutorials, taking photos, and playing around with Lightroom.

22 February, 2020
23 February, 2020

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