C is for…

C is for crazy culinary cooking challenges! Or in this case:

Breakfast: Dried cranberries and cashews.
Lunch: More dried cranberries and cashews. Serious, so many cranberries and cashews! I brought the carrots and celery as well but only had brief periods to eat and it was too much work to open new bags. At the end of the day both bags remained unopened although along with my onion I have plenty of mirepoix to begin a plethora of future French dishes.
Dinner: Cole slaw and some carrots but not from that bag but rather from my CSA that I picked up today. I figured I’d leave the HEB bag for another day and eat the ones that were plucked out of the ground this morning.
Speaking of my CSA, I now have spinach, beets, rainbow chard, scallions, purple top turnips, lettuce, bok choy, kohl rabi, dill and cilanto to work into dishes in the near future. As always suggestions are welcome.
So despite what seemed like a plethora of letters a few days ago, but next few days are a bit scarce. I wasn’t able to find any convenient ‘D’s at the Co-op during a quick search, but with the help of suggestions I think I will pick up some doughnuts in the morning, dates and Danish blue cheese for lunch and perhaps grab some dumplings for dinner. Maybe find something that uses my abundance of dill. Who knows what tomorrow will really bring?
Off to bed, long day tomorrow. Oh well, ‘C’est la vie.

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