J is for…

Michael: Hello?

George Michael: Hey Jerky! I wanna buy a house, Dad. It’s gotta be big!
Michael: You said Dad, buddy.
George Michael: (Dejected.) Shut up, Jerky.
The above quote is from Arrested Development. If you haven’t seen it, do it now! Seriously, I can wait. It’s streaming on Netflix. Don’t have Netflix? Steal someone you know’s password at jerky-point and then watch it. Now.
See? Wasn’t that awesome? Now for ‘J’-day.
Breakfast: Black cherry Jello and juice.
Lunch: Beef jerky with a few pickled jalapeño slices.
Snack: Bag of Jolly Ranchers.
Dinner: More beef jerky with the last of the Jello.
Hooray for Jerky! I’ve always loved it and now I had an excuse to eat it all day. Onwards to ‘K’!

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