#2: Reading more

While not officially one of my twelve challenges this year, I would like to focus more on reading. It is still a form of consumption more than production, but it requires more engagement. Additionally, I want to highlight, scribble in the margins, and make baby ‘book reports’ afterwards to help me retain what I read, particularly if it is something nonfiction. Many people have probably heard about Goodreads, which can be used as a recommendation source for new things to read with tons of reviews from other readers. I had been entering the things I read a few years ago, but I’d like to get back into it, even if only as just a record for myself. Each year they have a reading challenge and I set my goal for 25 books, or one about every two weeks. I probably read between 12 and 15 last year, so it is an increase but not anything impossible.

Additionally, in playing around in the Account Settings section, I figured out how to add a widget on this blog to show what I am currently and have been reading.


I even now included it in my e-mail signature.


I probably have close to 25 books on my bookshelf already that I want to read and a ton more on my list to buy, but let me know if there are any books that you found particularly inspirational. Bonus points if it is anything relating to plants or fungi. 🌱🍄

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