#6: FBR

So with less than 90 minutes before my $5 auto-withdrawal from my account, I thought I’d share something that resonated with me a while ago that I’ve continued to think about recently. Safi Bahcall, the physicist, biotech entrepreneur, and author, talks about how when he is trying to write creatively, he follows the mantra “write FBR“. ‘FBR’ in this case stands for “Fast, Bad, and (W)Rong”. The idea is that if you have begun to see the path ahead for an idea you have, trying to edit concurrently with writing will rip the needle out of your creative juice IV. Ernest Hemingway is commonly attributed as having said “Write drunk, edit sober.” Part of the central motif of this year-long series of challenges is to emphasizing regularity over perfectionism and embracing this ‘FBR’ nature. So I think I will leave it at this, without worrying about editing any of the stylistic elements of today’s blog.

3 thoughts on “#6: FBR

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