Trouble Shooting

I will admit like many of my systems in life, I have let those for my photography go woefully un-updated for years. This is one of the major reasons for choosing it as my February challenge. While there are lots of aspects of my organization, shooting style, and editing that I want to improve, I wanted to start with fixing some long neglected issues.

I mentioned in a previous post that sometimes my images are ‘glitchy’. So for my first test, I tried several different methods to transfer the photos over to my computer. As the image looks fine on the display screen of the camera, I had hoped to figure out where things went wrong.

First, I found an image that had a glitch upon transferring via the SD port in my MacBook Pro:

Then, I tried transferring via the micro-USB cable:

However, when I tried transferring via the camera’s built-in WiFi, the image was magically complete!

When I looked at the files, though, I noticed that the file size was much smaller.

So I tinkered with the settings in the app on my phone to make sure it was sending over the original image. When I sent over the full resolution picture with the same file size, the glitch is back.

So my thought is that perhaps the camera has a lower resolution image for the display that I see on the camera (and that transferred the first time via WiFi) that isn’t corrupted, but the main photo is. I still don’t know enough about my camera to know for sure, but I’m continuing to learn.

In order to try to crowd source some help for the problem, I created a Reddit account (yes, I did not have one before and have only ever been on Reddit maybe twice beforehand) and asked in their Sony Alpha subreddit. One of the users suggested that it may be an issue with the SD card, which weirdly had not occurred to me. As I haven’t taken enough photos to fill my 16GB SD card in a long time, I’m pretty sure that is the only one that I have used in years. I swapped it out for a different one this morning, and initially I haven’t seen any glitches; however, I’ll need to test a lot more to make sure.

I’ve also been having some weird noise from my telephoto lens that I can’t figure out. It doesn’t affect the function, but is disconcerting. Working through all of these old problems feels like doing a big spring cleaning overhaul, which is a lot of work and why I put it off for so long. But in 2020, I’m working to set up better systems so that I don’t let things get so out of control.

On the plus side, we went to Rio Celeste on the 2nd and Monteverde on the 3rd where I snapped some nice pics. I think I’ll work more methodically through shooting styles later, but for now just getting in the reps while on vacation.

2 February, 2020
3 February, 2020

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