Superior Auto

First official day of the new challenge! I decided to read through the manual for my Sony a6000 camera and take some pictures on the beach. I realized there are actually more customization options than I had thought before, so I’m sure I will play with those more over the course of this month.

Normally, I shoot in ‘Aperature Priority’ or full Manual mode, but as I’m trying to learn all of the facets I thought I’d start from the beginning in the ‘Superior Auto’ mode. Of the pictures that I took today, here is my favorite:

1 February, 2020

I recognized that the location definitely helps, but it will be interesting to see what I learn over the course of this month and how I can improve.

As a side note, occasionally my camera will glitch the images. They look fine on the camera, even after I have taken the photo, but when I transfer them to my computer they look glitchy.

If anyone has any recommendations on how to fix this, I would love to know.

3 thoughts on “Superior Auto

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