Hanging on in The Dip

The last week or so I feel like I’m beginning to go through The Dip. While traveling I have been able to take some pictures, but I haven’t planned for how I want to evolve and improve my practice. Nor have I really assessed and organized the shots I’ve taken. The dopamine high of seeing more people read my posts over the first few weeks of January has gone, with those numbers dropping to less than 10% of the high mark. It is later than a lot of people quit their New Year’s Resolutions, but I can still hear those voices saying that it is hard, there is way too much ahead, and it would just be easier to stop now.

And so here is where I think that language, size, and quantifiability of targets is particularly important. I am still trying my best to learn more about my camera, how to take better shots, how to improve my photo organization, and how to post-process them for publication quality. But if at the end of the day I just take one photo with my camera each day, that still counts as a ‘win’. So sometimes I’ll write less, or the photos may not be as good, but for the long haul it is showing up and putting in reps that counts.

6 February, 2020
7 February, 2020

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