Menu Du Jour

I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos over the last few days on everything related to my Sony a6000. Some of them are travel videos showing off what the shots can look like:

Others compare the a6000 to the other cameras in the Sony mirrorless family:

It was interesting to see that many of the videos (the above included) commented that despite five years and five camera upgrades since the a6000 came out, it is still regarded as a worthwhile buy and a solid camera in 2020. Some of the processor features have been changed, and it doesn’t have a standard audio jack or shoot in 4K like the others, but otherwise it has held its own over the years and has been the most popular mirrorless camera on the market.

I finally managed to figure out how to use the built-in WiFi and my iPhone to control the shutter and live preview the image.


Sony recently changed their app and most of the guides are on the older version, so I’m still figuring out some of the details like how to adjust the exposure settings within the phone.

As I now know almost all of the menu settings and ins-and-outs of the camera, I want to move the focus (pun intended) toward the second stage of the challenge: playing with different types of framing, exposures, settings, and shot styles. Currently looking at some different Skillshare classes to bring some structure to the experiment. Excited to play around the next few days!

8 February, 2020
9 February, 2020

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